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Thanksgiving at the GSS

Do you want to know what was going on at school on 22nd November, 2017? Form 6b celebrated Thanksgiving!

We celebrate Thanksgiving because in 1620 the pilgrims came to America. When they arrived, they found a stone. This stone was Plymouth Rock. But the pilgrims arrived in a rough time because it was winter. They set up a settlement but they had nothing to eat and it was cold. When spring came, they wanted to plant something but they didn't know how. But one day, the pilgrims met an Indian called Squanto and he helped them. So in autumn they had an abundant harvest and were happy. That's why people celebrate Thanksgiving.

In our English lesson we wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving in our style. We cooked mashed potatoes, my friend Selin and Miles made great pumpkin pies and Finian and Jonathan made a delicious cranberry sauce. Our teacher brought a CHICKEN! A turkey was too big but the chicken was fantastic! First, we watched a short video about Mr. Bean. That was funny. Then we started to eat. The food was amazing. We got all the food that you can eat on Thanksgiving. Jaagup also brought some Oreo chocolates. The pilgrims didn't eat chocolates but they were super.

It was a great festival. In the end Mr. Schall came around and celebrated with us. If you want to have as much fun in English lesson as we have, try bilingual class!

Clara Güldner, form 6b